Discussion on How Food Moves from the Farmer’s Field to Your Table

With the number of farmer’s markets increasing around the state, more people are interested in the issue of local food systems. Colorado State University student Katy Pepinsky, coordinating with Adrian Card of Colorado State Cooperative Extension and Dawn Thilmany of the Department of Agriculture and Resource Economics, has developed a panel to discuss such issues.

The panel, "Farm to Table: Understanding Local Food Links," will be held from 6:30-8 p.m. Nov. 10 at Cafe Ardour, 225 Linden St. The public is welcome to attend and participate in the discussion.

"Today, more and more producers are frustrated about getting into traditional markets such as supermarkets. That’s why farmer’s markets are becoming so popular," said Dawn Thilmany, associate professor in Agricultural Resource Economics at Colorado State and a member of the panel.

Questions under discussion will include: Why are farmer’s markets and other direct marketing efforts by producers becoming so popular? What are the barriers to buying from the farmers? How can people break through these barriers? What are policies and public support to reinforce direct marketing for farmers? Is it appropriate for government agencies and public universities to support and be involved in local food systems?

Other members of the panel will include Adrian Card, Colorado State University Cooperative Extension agent in Boulder County, moderator; Chris Coen, produce manager, Fort Collins Food Co-Op; David Lynch, farmer, Small Farms activist; Katy Pepinsky, operations manager, Colorado Crop to Cuisine; Ken Smith, associate professor in Food Science and Human Nutrition, Colorado State University; and Tom Stoner, chef and owner, Spoon’s Restaurant.