Colorado State University Cooperative Extension Publishes 2005 Colorado Gardener’s Calendar

Colorado State University Cooperative Extension has published the fourth edition of its award-winning Colorado Gardener’s Calendar. In addition to featuring photos of gardens along the Front Range, the 2005 calendar also serves as a yearlong journal and checklist for managing yard and garden chores.

The calendar was produced to educate Coloradoans on the adaptable and colorful possibilities of gardening in the state’s soil and dry climate conditions.

"The calendar is aesthetically beautiful and provides Coloradoans with many useful, year-round gardening tips," said Debby Weitzel, communications specialist in Colorado State’s University Relations department. "It’s a helpful tool for Colorado gardeners and a great gift idea for the holidays."

The 2005 Colorado Gardening Calendar is a collaboration among Colorado State Cooperative Extension, Plant Select and Planttalk Colorado, Denver Water, Fort Collins Junior League, Longmont Symphony Guild, Colorado Xeriscape Garden Tours and many passionate gardeners.

Each month features a different kind of plant or garden along with a list of recommendations for gardening. For example, one of November’s recommendations include:

–  Early in the month, wrap trunks of young deciduous trees with a tree wrap. Start at the base of the trunk and wrap, overlapping about 25 percent with each turn.

A monthly recommendation for April includes:

–  Aerate lawns for more effective water and fertilizer usage.

A recommendation for July includes:

–  Avoid excess watering and reduce or eliminate vegetation and debris in ditches because the kinds of mosquitoes that can transmit West Nile are most active in July and August.

The calendar is $9.75 per copy and can be ordered individually or in bulk from or toll-free from Cooperative Extension Resource Center at 1-877-692-9358.