Veterinarian with ‘world-Firsts’ Receives Leadership Award from Colorado State University

Dr. Robert Shideler, a veterinarian active in the livestock and equine industries, will receive the Livestock Leader of the Year award from Colorado State University’s Department of Animal Sciences on Jan. 15. The award is given annual at the National Western Stock Show on Colorado State University Agricultural Outreach Day to recognize people who have made outstanding contributions to the state’s livestock industry.

Shideler is regarded as one of the greatest contributors to the field of equine reproduction. He was a member of the Colorado State faculty research team whose projects included two world-firsts for the equine industry – embryo splitting and the successful implantation into a mare with term pregnancy and live identical offspring, and successful frozen embryo implantation into recipient mares.

Shideler is a Colorado State alumnus with a doctoral in 1948 in veterinary medicine. He practiced veterinary medicine for 25 years in a private practice, working predominately with horses and cattle, and taught at Colorado State from January 1974 to 1995.

"Perhaps my good genes and health will give me more years to work for the livestock and agricultural industries and continue in a role that will help young people become leaders in these areas," Shideler said. "My great passion is helping them acquire an education in agriculture in all its breadth through the presence of this great university and the generosity of the National Western Scholarship Trust."

During his career, Shideler practiced veterinary medicine in Illinois and Mississippi. He served on both states’ Veterinary Medical Association board of directors and was named Veterinarian of the Year in Mississippi in 1973. Shideler also served on the board of directors for the American Association of Equine Practitioners from 1967-1972, and he was president of the organization in 1974.

At Colorado State, Shideler directed the Equine Teaching and Research Center from 1990-95 and was named outstanding teacher of the year by the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association.

The Livestock Leader award will be presented during the annual College of Agricultural Sciences social on Jan. 15. This social is in conjunction with Colorado State University Agricultural Outreach Day at the National Western Stock Show.