Colorado State Greeks Earn Higher Gpas Than University Averages, Post Best New Member Grades Ever

Members of Colorado State University’s Greek fraternity and sorority system earned higher average grades last fall than their university counterparts in all areas including male students, female students, new members (freshman class) and all undergraduates. Additionally, new Greek members earned their highest grades in university history.

"Two years ago, Greek leadership at Colorado State implemented a strict code of academic criteria to enhance the system’s focus on scholarship, one of the top values of the university’s fraternities and sororities. Since that time, the Greek’s GPAs have been at or above the university average," said Mark Koepsell, director of Greek Life at Colorado State. "Last semester, among other measures, Greek leadership voted to go completely alcohol free in all houses, which further seems to be having a positive impact on grades."

For the fall 2004 semester, new fraternity and sorority members earned an average 2.84 GPA, which was over 7 percent higher than the average university freshman. Overall, all Greek members earned an average 2.86 GPA, 3 percent higher than their university peers. Specifically, undergraduate fraternity members earned an average 2.76 GPA, more than 4 percent higher than their male peers, with sorority members earning an average 2.94 GPA, nearly 2 percent higher than their female peers.

"We are focusing on what it means to be part of the Greek system at Colorado State University," said Kevin Selvy, president of the school’s Intrafraternity Council. "Substance-free houses, good grades and outstanding public service make strong statements about what this university’s fraternities and sororities are really all about."