Colorado State University Offers Intensive Five-Day Mediation Skills Certificate Program

Disputes with neighbors, families, insurance companies, landlords and unions often end up in an already overworked court system, making mediation an increasingly attractive alternative.

This month, Colorado State University will offer a five-day intensive certificate program to train professionals in mediation skills and approaches. Space is limited for the program, which will be 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. July 11-15, in Room 13 of the Education Building. Tuition is $1,500.

The program is being offered by the School of Social Work and Continuing Education in collaboration with the Institute for Advanced Dispute Resolution.

In mediation, conflicting sides choose an acceptable third party who has limited or no authoritative decision-making power but assists in voluntarily reaching a mutually acceptable settlement.

Career changers, job seekers, human resource personnel and mental health professionals are among those who could benefit from the training. Carrie Heltzel, a mediation facilitator and trainer with 17 years experience, will lead the program.

"They’ll learn to identify and analyze patterns of conflict and develop skills in communicating with people who are in high conflict," said Deborah Valentine, director and professor of the School of Social Work at Colorado State who will enlist participants in roleplaying during the week. "They’ll learn how to mediate disputes at work and with families."

Participants will also learn that the skills of mediation are mobile – they can transfer to any job, anywhere – and can assist with career advancement and salary increases.     

For more information or to register, visit or call Continuing Education at (970) 491-5288 or (877) 491-4336.