Media Tipsheet – State Fair Story Ideas

University Alumni dinner with President Penley, board of governor and legislative leaders  

Colorado State University alumni and friends visiting the state fair will enjoy dinner with system chancellor and President Larry Edward Penley and other dignitaries Thursday, Aug. 25, with a reception 5:30-6:30 p.m., dinner at 6:30 p.m., remarks at 7 p.m. by Penley and Alumni Executive Director Marc Shkolnick. Attending the dinner are several Board of Governor members including board president Pat Grant and members Diane Evans and C. W. Smith. Sen. Abel Tapia, co-chair of the Senate Budget Committee and a ’73 engineering Colorado State graduate, will attend. CSU Pueblo President Ron Applbaum, CSU Pueblo provost Barbara Montgomery, as well as deans Rex Fuller and Russ Meyer, also will attend. The dinner will be at 1975 alumna Marjorie Vallani’s home in Pueblo. The dinner is not open to the general public; this information is supplied to reporters who may be interested in taking photographs or interviewing attendees. To arrange to attend to photograph or interview guests, contact Dell Rae Moellenberg at 970-491-6009 or

Colorado State University Chancellor Larry Edward Penley, Board of Governors meet at CSU Pueblo

As part of Colorado State University’s focus on the State Fair, Chancellor Larry Edward Penley and the Board of Governors will hold their monthly business meeting at CSU Pueblo on Aug. 26. The Board of Governors will meet at 8 a.m. on the second floor of the Occhiato University Center. Reporters are welcome to attend the board meeting.

Colorado 4-H director setting national standard for ethics codes

While many people equate 4-H to fun activities for youth, the program is primarily geared toward teaching children and teens lessons that instill within them personal character traits such as integrity, honesty, ethics and leadership skills. Colorado State University Cooperative Extension oversees 4-H in the state of Colorado, and its new director, Jeff Goodwin, was recently nationally recognized for his work in teaching youth about ethics. Goodwin’s work, which includes videos, is used across the nation to help youth and their parents think about the consequences of unethical actions in competitive events as well as in day-to-day life, and contrasts those consequences against the benefits of 4-H – beyond a blue ribbon – when families use their 4-H experience to grow in character. To arrange an interview with Goodwin, contact Dell Rae Moellenberg at 970-491-6009 or

4-H volunteers give time worth millions in Colorado

How do the 165,000 Colorado children and teenagers who participate in 4-H have a good experience? They were supported by 11,460 volunteers from across the state. Each 4-H volunteer in Colorado donates an average of about 128 hours a year to 4-H, or about 10 hours a month. The U.S. Department of Labor places a monetary value on volunteer time at a little more than $17 an hour, which means that Colorado adult volunteers donate time valued at more than $25 million to 4-H programs just in Colorado. To speak with 4-H employees about the role volunteers play in the organization or to talk with a volunteer, contact Dell Rae Moellenberg at 970-491-6009 or

4-H and county and state fairs are family oriented

According to a recent survey completed by Colorado school students, 4-H’ers say being in 4-H has made a difference in their family. In fact, about half of the youth surveyed who are in 4-H say that the program has made a positive difference in their family. Competing in 4-H events and taking in the county and state fairs is a lasting stronghold in family-oriented fun. For more information about how 4-H and fairs are family-oriented events, contact Dell Rae Moellenberg at 970-491-6009 or

Cooks court judges’ taste buds for trip to chef school

The Creative Cooks Contest tests 175 contestants in slicing, dicing and saut?ing their way to a judge’s heart through his stomach in no more than 5 minutes. Contestants must plan a meal and prepare several dishes in advance for the judge, then complete their menu in 3 to 5 minutes using Colorado-grown ingredients. Contestants compete against others within their own age bracket, and range in age from 8 to 18. The winner of the senior division – competitors 15 to 18 years old – will be sent to a three-day Southwest cooking-style class in Santa Fe. The contest is Saturday, Aug. 27, at the 4-H Home Economics Building at the fairgrounds. The junior contest begins at 9 a.m., intermediates compete at 11:30 a.m. and seniors compete at 2:30 p.m.

Additional Photo Opportunities:

Aug. 27:

8 a.m. Creative Cooks Contest – 4-H Home Economics  Building

8 a.m. Demonstrations/Illustrated Talks Contest – 4-H Auditorium

9 a.m. Dog Obedience Trials – Colorado State Fairgrounds entrance tent

10 a.m. State Fair Parade, "Colorado Heritage Altitude with an Attitude" – downtown

Aug. 28:

8 a.m. 4-H Demonstrations – 4-H Auditorium

8:30 a.m. Cake Decorating – 4-H Home Economics Building

Aug. 30:

4 p.m. Junior Livestock Sale – Events Center

Sept. 3:

8 a.m. Performing Arts Contest – 4-H Auditorium, Pepsi Center & State Fairgrounds entrance tent

Sept. 4:

8 a.m. Performing Arts Contest – 4-H Auditorium, Pepsi Center & State Fairgrounds entrance tent