Colorado State University Offers Late Admission to College Students Displaced by Hurricane Katrina

Colorado State University is offering to assist college students who have been displaced from their college campuses due to the effects of Hurricane Katrina.

Hurricane Katrina has forced several universities and colleges in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama to close leaving some of the students looking to enroll elsewhere for the fall semester.

Colorado State is welcoming students from the Gulf Coast to apply for late admissions and attend school at Colorado State until their home campuses reopen.

"Colorado State University is very willing to admit students who have been displaced or impacted by the hurricane for both the fall and the spring semesters. We also are able to provide housing for students in need," said Linda Kuk, Colorado State’s vice president for student affairs and dean of admissions.

Students will be assisted by an expedited admissions process so that they can get into class as soon as possible since classes at Colorado State have been in session for nearly two weeks.

"We will immediately consider any interest in seeking admissions on a case by case basis and would like to act quickly to ensure that any student wanting to enroll in classes can be assured access to courses," said Kuk.

Any students displaced by Hurricane Katrina and interested in attending Colorado State University are encouraged to contact the Admissions Office at a special telephone number set up specifically for this purpose at (970) 491-1569. Admissions staff will also be available on Saturday to assist interested students.