Colorado State Offers In-State Tuition, Counseling and Variety of Services to All Students Displaced by Hurricane Katrina

Colorado State University is offering in-state tuition and late admissions to both resident and non-resident students in need who were displaced from their college campuses by Hurricane Katrina.

The university has assigned a group of counselors and academic advisors to the incoming students to help them make the transition into Colorado State a success at this point in the semester. Advisors will help the students with everything from academics to housing and financial aid. Students will also be assisted by an expedited admissions process.

Hurricane Katrina forced several universities and colleges in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama to close, leaving many students looking to enroll elsewhere for the fall semester. Late admission, in-state tuition and the specific advising services are being offered only for students who were enrolled in Gulf Coast area colleges and universities and were displaced by Hurricane Katrina. In-state tuition is being offered for displaced out-of-state students for the spring and fall semesters.

Any students displaced by Hurricane Katrina and interested in attending Colorado State University are encouraged to contact the Admissions Office at a special telephone number set up specifically for this purpose, (970) 491-1569.