Colorado State University Revokes Recognition of One Fraternity, Suspends Three Other Greek Chapters

Colorado State University today revoked the recognition of one fraternity, suspended one fraternity and two sororities, and put one fraternity and three sororities on social probation due to alcohol rule violations in Greek houses.

The university learned of a series of parties that occurred within the Greek community on Sept. 1. At these parties, alcohol was provided and consumed by fraternity and sorority members within several fraternity houses in clear violation of both chapter and university rules and regulations.

"Overall, we are very proud of the positive choices our students, including our Greek community, have made and the way they have conducted themselves during the first weeks of this semester," said Linda Kuk, vice president for student affairs. "Unfortunately, we saw an exception to this late last week when a group of fraternity and sorority members took part in alcohol-related activities that were clearly in direct violation of university and Greek system rules. As in the past, the university is taking strong and decisive action and making clear that this type of irresponsible behavior is unacceptable at Colorado State."

In a letter distributed to all members of the Greek community, Kuk stated, "This behavior is not only a violation of campus and chapter rules, but clearly a breech of the trust and confidence the University has placed within the Greek community. The University has no choice but to take this matter seriously and to subsequently take appropriate action against the chapters that knowingly and actively participated in these events."

The majority of the Greek chapters were not involved in this situation.  

Following an investigation, the disciplinary actions taken were based on a number of criteria including:

– Chapter history of problem behaviors;

– Extent of participation of members in event;

– Role of chapter leadership in the parties (from attempts to prevent participation, to inaction, to executive members involved);

– Chapter and member cooperation with investigation and full disclosure of participation.

Based on results of the investigation, Colorado State University has taken the following disciplinary actions:

– Withdrawal of recognition of the Pi Kappa Alpha (PIKE) fraternity as a student organization. The fraternity may reapply for chapter recognition for a minimum of seven years only if its members meet a set of strict guidelines put forth by the university. The fraternity loses all advantages and privileges afforded to Greek and student organizations recognized by Colorado State, including: use of campus facilities, equipment or resources; participation in intramurals or in the Greek league; participation in sponsored recruitment publications, training and events; participation in the Intrafraternity/Panhellenic Council; sponsorship of any social or other events with any other university organization; ability to participate in the University Seal of Approval endorsement at Preview and on the Greek Life and Parents and Families Web sites and for recruitment periods; registration of football tailgating events; use of Colorado State University name, logo or symbols.

– Suspension of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity, the Chi Omega sorority and the Tri Delta sorority. These organizations and their members are suspended from engaging in any Greek-related activities or functions for a period of one academic year. This includes all activities except those essential to run the chapter or the house. All Greek or chapter social, intramural, philanthropic, recruitment and other non-management activities are suspended. Chapters must apply for the termination of the suspended status.

– Social Probation for the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, Pi Beta Phi sorority and the Gamma Phi Beta sorority. These chapters and their members are suspended from engaging in any Greek-related social activities or functions (including the Formal) which include the use, presence or pre-consumption of alcohol, for a period of one academic year. Chapters must apply for the termination of the social probation status.

As the investigation continues, additional disciplinary actions may be taken against individual students if it is determined that students were involved in illegal activities, such as underage drinking, or were not in compliance with the Student Code of Conduct.

"It is our desire to have a successful Greek community on campus, and Greek members must realize that they have a shared responsibility to abide by the agreements that have been made among their chapters and with the university," said Kuk. "Overall the Greek community has done an excellent job over the past year in building a stronger community and partnering with the university. However, as this case demonstrates, there are serious consequences for those who choose to break the rules."