Nathan Moreng Receives Administrative Leadership Award from Colorado State University Cooperative Extension Fraternity

Nathan Moreng, Colorado State University Cooperative Extension regional director for the Western slope, was recognized with the Administrative Leadership award given by Epsilon Sigma Phi, the professional fraternity for Colorado State Cooperative Extension. The award was presented to Moreng on Thursday, Sept. 22, at an annual awards banquet in Fort Collins.

The Administrative Leadership award recognizes a noteworthy administrative performance during 10 or more years of county, regional, state, program, departmental or national leadership.

Moreng oversees personnel and administrative duties for Cooperative Extension offices located in the western third of the state, comprised of 19 counties. These duties include representing Colorado State Cooperative Extension at county and regional meetings with county commissioners, clientele and the public, supporting county and area office directors and establishing performance expectations and goals for individual offices and for topic area educational programs in the region.

Moreng also provides strategic planning and policy implementation expertise with the entire organization as a member of the director’s advisory council, and he provides leadership on behalf of Colorado State Cooperative Extension through affirmative action reviews, diversity emphasis, budget planning and aligning the Western region with statewide organizational direction.

Moreng has been a regional director for Colorado State Cooperative Extension since 1994, when he began managing the Northwestern region of Cooperative Extension offices in Colorado. The state’s five regions were recently reorganized into three regions in 2002, and Moreng now oversees director duties in the entire western third of the state.