Colorado State University Invites Campus Community to Stormwater Advisory Committee on Oct. 12

Colorado State University has assembled a Stormwater Advisory Committee that is designed to develop mechanisms to involve and receive feedback from the campus community in the development and implementation of a stormwater management plan for Colorado State. The committee meeting will be held from 10-11 a.m. Oct. 12 in the Facilities Management large conference room on the Colorado State campus. The committee meeting is open to Colorado State staff, faculty, students and any other interested parties.

In July 2004, Colorado State received a permit authorizing the discharge of stormwater and allowable non-stormwater discharges through the municipal separate storm sewer system, or MS4. This permit is in accordance with Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Stormwater Management Program requirements and complies with the provisions of both the Colorado and Federal Water Quality Control Acts.

Participation on this committee is open to all interested parties and will entail meeting at least once per year for the remaining term of the permit.

For more information about the Stormwater Advisory Committee, contact Carol Dillard at (970) 491-0151.