Transfort and Colorado State University Lory Student Center Break Ground on Bus Stop Renovation

The Transfort hub northwest of Colorado State University’s Lory Student Center is getting a face lift. This week, a major renovation project breaks ground to provide riders with indoor space to wait for buses in addition to a Transfort office, information desk and increased accessibility to the building. A space for the student-run RamRide program, which provides rides home from nightclubs to students, also is part of the renovation.

This week, the area set aside for the Transfort expansion in the parking lot north of the Lory Student Center was fenced off. The renovation of the north entrance to the Lory Student Center is a collaborative project between the city of Fort Collins and Colorado State University. It will provide Transfort riders with indoor space to wait for buses, a Transfort office, an information desk, a convenience store, space for RamRide, the free ride program sponsored by Associated Students of Colorado State University and increased accessibility to the building. The renovation will add 14,458 square feet of new space and will renovate 7,749 square feet of existing space.

The project is fully funded by the Federal Transit Administration. No student fees will be used for the renovation, estimated to tally $5.8 million.

The renovation includes specific improvements that may qualify the hub for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification. The LEED Green Building Rating System is a voluntary national standard for high-performance, sustainable buildings.

The city of Fort Collins and Colorado State University worked closely with Coover-Clark Architects to develop a plan maximizing existing resources, complementing other buildings on campus and providing an inviting space for the campus community.

During construction, the Lory Student Center and the plaza will be accessible from the north side of the building at the west entrance of the Colorado State Bookstore. The student center also is temporarily accessible from the stairs between the Engineering and Student Center buildings; that entrance will be blocked off as construction progresses, after which the student center can be entered through the Engineering Building. Signs will be posted to help people navigate past the construction area.

The anticipated date of completion of the renovation is August 2006. For updates on the renovation, frequently asked questions and details about LEED certification, visit the Web at