Colorado State Students Must Register for Spring Classes by Feb. 1 to Receive College Opportunity Fund Stipend

Colorado State University students must be registered for their qualifying courses before the end of each course’s add/drop period to be eligible for College Opportunity Fund stipend payments. Students who register for courses after the spring 2006 add/drop date of Feb. 1, 2006, for any reason, will not be eligible to receive the stipend payment for those courses and will be responsible for full tuition.

Staff, faculty and students are strongly encouraged to have all registration activities completed by Feb. 1, 2006, to ensure that students receive their full COF stipend.

Any student who is administratively registered for a course after the deadline will be responsible for any additional charges for that course, regardless of who is at fault for the late registration. Charges may include full tuition, university facility fees, supplemental tuition, upper division tuition, course fees, general student fees and late registration fees.

Students can apply for the spring COF by logging into their accounts on RamWeb at and following the links fo

r the stipend.

The Colorado Commission on Higher Education, the state regulatory body for the COF, prohibits payment of a COF stipend for any course added, for any reason, after the census date.

The College Opportunity Fund provides state-tax dollars to colleges and universities on behalf of eligible undergraduate students. The Fund was created by an Act of the Colorado Legislature in May 2004 to heighten awareness that state tax dollars are used to offset the costs of undergraduate education.