Colorado State Continuing Education Partners with Alumni Association to Create New College for Alumni Enrichment

Colorado State University alumni, along with their family and friends, can now experience the university in a whole new way. The Division of Continuing Education is partnering with the Alumni Association to launch a new programming initiative called the Alumni College.

The college has a very broad educational mission and was created in response to alumni needs and requests.

"The Alumni College is intended to offer Colorado State alumni and friends a way to connect with the university through education," said Jean Morgenweck, director of the Alumni College. "You don’t have to be an alumnus to participate; we’re open to graduates, their family, and friends of Colorado State."

"The college will allow alumni and friends to learn new subjects, network, connect with new and old friends and move ahead with many life agendas including career, family or personal enrichment," she continued.  

The college will offer courses and workshops to help alumni and their friends with practical subjects that apply to their place in their life and career. It is accessible to residents of Denver and Northern Colorado. Courses are also available to anyone with Internet access to accommodate those who can’t attend in person.

Courses offered through the college are cash-funded as part of continuing education and are not state-funded.   

To ensure participant satisfaction and success within the new program, education and training through the Alumni College will be interactive, individualized and inspirational.

The programming is designed to focus on the needs of people in various stages of life. These range from 10 to more than 30 years after college graduation.  

"People in different life stages have different needs," said Morgenweck. "A 30-year-old is probably building a professional network, while a 55-year-old may be planning for retirement and helping parents move into senior care housing."

A primary goal for the Alumni College is to address as many of these needs as possible.

People involved in the Alumni College have shown interest in programming that includes lectures, workshops, certificate programs, professional development, enrichment, lifelong learning, distance education options and travel experiences.  

The college also plans to take advantage of the interest and support that their alumni provide.

"We really appreciate the interest alumni have in supporting the Alumni College with their expertise," Morgenweck said. "Many alumni have national reputations in their professions, and we plan to identify as many of these experts as possible and work with them to offer courses and workshops that support the needs of our members."

Events for the Alumni College will take place at the Colorado State campus in Fort Collins and at the Colorado State Denver Center, 410 17th St. in Denver.

To find more information about the new college and to view scheduled courses, visit the Alumni College’s Web site at