President’s Leadership Program at Colorado State University Creates Exciting Experiences for Students

Colorado State University is seeking applications for the President’s Leadership Program, a series of classes and experiences designed to help students at the university develop personal, interpersonal, organizational and social leadership skills. The program consists of three year-long academic and experiential courses under the direction of the university’s Student Leadership and Civic Engagement office.

Established in 1989, PLP has grown to a 14-credit experience that encompasses all levels of leadership development. The program’s objective is to produce graduates with an outstanding leadership education that prepares them to assume roles as leaders in their chosen professions and communities. In addition to academic work, students participate in retreats and service projects.

The program teaches students effective leadership practices and guides students through the process of self-exploration and growth as they define their personal leadership philosophies. In addition, the program connects students with inspirational campus and community leaders who serve as role models and mentors and involves students in challenging leadership activities on campus and in the Fort Collins community. Graduates of the program emerge prepared to assume roles as leaders in their chosen professions and communities.

"PLP is a program that has made my growth at Colorado State expand beyond the academic world. It is an experience that not only affected how I lead, but how I live," said Jacob Blumberg, a student participating in the program.

The three year-long classes include:

– A Call to Lead: an introductory leadership development course based on the social change model of leadership, which describes the process of creating positive social change in the community.

– Leadership as Life: an experientially-based course that helps students clarify their values as leaders, puts theory into practice through a service project and emphasizes the need to make meaningful connections with the community.

– Leadership Capstone: the premier leadership experience at Colorado State University that provides students with the opportunity to expand their understanding of leadership from multicultural and global perspectives.

Students must apply for the courses, and students are selected based on several criteria including past leadership experiences and personal leadership philosophy.

Applications are now available for the 2006-2007 school year at Applications will be accepted until 5 p.m. March 31, 2006, in the Office of Student Leadership and Civic Engagement in the Lory Student Center.

For additional information about PLP, contact Alexis Kanda-Olmstead, assistant director for leadership education, in the Office of Student Leadership and Civic Engagement at (970) 491-2181 or at Alexis.Kanda-Olmstead@Colostate.Edu.

The President’s Leadership Program is sponsored by the Office of Student Leadership and Civic Engagement. SLCE provides leadership development, service-learning and volunteer opportunities and works collaboratively with students, staff, faculty and the community to offer a broad range of service and leadership opportunities for student involvement. Through the programs at SLCE, students find support and resources to graduate as engaged, active participants in their local, national and global communities.

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