Colorado State University Introduces Green Machines in Continual Effort to Conserve Energy

Colorado State University is continuing its efforts to conserve energy by retrofitting the university’s Pepsi vending machines with energy saving controllers. New Vending Misers will reduce CO2 emissions by more than 115 tons per year and will save the university over $4,300 annually.

Refrigerated vending machines on campus currently run 24 hours a day to keep drinks cold and the machines’ lights on. The continual use of energy can cost the university up to $24,000 each year. The Vending Miser controllers will help conserve energy and money by shutting off the fluorescent lights and compressor when the surrounding area is unoccupied for 15 minutes or longer.

The energy-saving controller uses an infrared occupancy sensor to determine when someone is approaching the Pepsi machine. When the device senses movement the machine’s lights and compressor reactivate. Periodically the machine will turn on to ensure that drinks stay cold and the quality of the product is not compromised.

Colorado State utilities department will post signs on all Vending Miser Pepsi machines indicating the new energy-saving green machines. For more information contact Kimberly Sorensen at (970) 491-5750.