Colorado State University Veterinarian Only American Selected to European Food Safety Authority Board

Dr. Mo Salman, Colorado State University veterinary epidemiologist and director of the Animal Health Population Institute, is the only American named to a three-year term with the European Food Safety Authority.

The EFSA is responsible for assessing risk regarding food and animal feed safety for the European Union. The group provides scientific advice and clear communication with constituents on existing and emerging risks, and is independent of financial interests.

Salman is one of 191 scientists selected from a pool of 874 leading experts. Salman will serve on a panel devoted to animal health and welfare.

"Dr. Salman’s appointment to the EFSA demonstrates the excellence of our faculty and the university’s commitment and role in addressing global health challenges and fighting infectious diseases at home and abroad," said university interim Vice President of Research Hank Gardner.

"The participation in this panel will allow us to contribute to the scientific knowledge in animal diseases and welfare for sound decision making process," Salman said. "It is an opportunity for Colorado State University, through its Animal Population Health Institute, to identify research gaps in this field for further contribution to animal health community."

EFSA experts are renewed every three years, with current members either replaced or re-appointed. In November, EFSA launched a call for expressions of interest to a broad scientific audience in Europe.

A rigorous selection procedure was coordinated by EFSA scientists and reviewed by an external committee, and final recommendations for the panels were made by the EFSA management board.

"I am very pleased that EFSA has been able to attract such highly qualified scientific experts for its Scientific Committee and Panels, which form the backbone of its work in providing scientific opinions and advice on matters related to food and feed safety. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the scientific committee and panels for their important contribution to EU food safety over the past three years," said Stuart Slorach, chairman of the EFSA board.

The Animal Population Health Institute, or APHI, was established at Colorado State to encourage collaborative, multidisciplinary research and to provide a structure for sharing and exchanging information, expertise and facilities among Colorado State University, collaborating institutions and government agencies throughout the United States and the world.

The mission of the Animal Population Health Institute is to initiate, coordinate and conduct research and outreach programs to improve animal population health, to prevent and control infectious and other important animal diseases, and to contribute to national and international animal disease policymaking processes by providing a better understanding of disease epidemiology and pathogenesis.

In addition to his current international activities in assisting with animal health efforts in Afghanistan, Armenia, Bosnia, Brazil, Georgia, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Switzerland and Uruguay, Salman has been involved in training and research projects with U. S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. He also participates in national animal health organizations, serves on the Food and Drug Administration’s scientific advisory group for the family of diseases that include mad cow and chronic wasting disease, and oversees several significant research grants at the university.

He leads a major graduate program in Colorado State with more than 10 current graduate students.