Colorado State University Ready for the New Fall Semester as Students Return to Campus and Residence Halls Open

Colorado State University’s residence halls will open to 4,949 Fall semester students Thursday, Aug. 17, the first day residents are allowed to move into their rooms. Residence halls will be filled to capacity upon opening day, and some students will be temporarily assigned into overflow spaces including rooms usually reserved as study areas and additional student housing recently leased by the university.

All students with room reservations will be accommodated by university housing in overflow spaces.

The university’s residence halls can house 4,771 students, and an additional 2 percent over capacity – or about 180 students – will report to Colorado State housing this week. Overflow students are typical, and residence hall assignments are adjusted during the few weeks of class to account for students who reserved rooms but do not move in and for students who choose not to attend the university after the first few weeks of classes.

Students with overflow room assignments will be housed in residence hall study rooms, lounges and some basement spaces, all of which are larger rooms than typical residence hall rooms. In addition, the university has leased student housing on the edge of campus once occupied by a sorority that can accommodate about 60 female students.

"Students in overflow spaces will be an active part of their assigned floor and will be assigned a residence hall room as soon as one is available," said Jim Dolak, director of Housing and Dining Services at the university. "Within the first few weeks of class, we anticipate that all students will be settled into standard rooms in the residence halls or the newly leased space. Students in overflow housing will enjoy some extra leg room until then."

Students assigned to the newly leased space, located at 638 S. Sherwood, will have live-in resident assistants and will follow all residence hall policies and regulations. The university will maintain the lease on this space for the school year, allowing assigned students to remain in the house for the academic year. Because only one large bathroom facility exists in this building, all students assigned to this temporary residence hall will be female.

While final admissions numbers are not available until after classes begin, the high number of requests for residence hall rooms is an indication of strong enrollment numbers for incoming students.

     Students moving into Parmelee Hall will benefit from renovations that include new carpeting, paint, room furniture and a new fire suppression system. Braiden Hall and Parmelee Hall dining centers also have been redecorated and painted.