Green is Gold Posters Remind Campus Community of Conservation Efforts at Colorado State University

Each year, Colorado State University spends millions of dollars to purchase the utilities necessary to operate all buildings on campus. In an effort to generate awareness of individual building utility usage and costs, Facilities Management is updating the "Green is Gold – Conserve Energy" posters in buildings and around campus.

The cost of utilities increased from $13.5 million to $20.1 million over the past fiscal year. Utility costs per square foot increased in 82 percent of the buildings on Colorado State’s campus.

While increases in utility costs primarily reflect the steep rise in natural gas prices, personal use of utilities in the buildings has a significant impact on overall utility usage. Each light left on or a computer left running contributes to the cost.

Several buildings on campus that decreased building utility usage and cost during the 2006 fiscal year included Hartshorn Health Center, University Village 1700, Aylesworth Hall, International House and Yates Hall.

To learn more about facility water use, energy use and utility costs for the 2005-2006 fiscal year, look for "Green is Gold" posters throughout campus. For additional information about conservation tips and current and future conservation initiatives at Colorado State, visit Facilities Management’s sustainable Web site at