Media Tip Sheet: Colorado State Expert on Nuclear Proliferation Available to Comment on Developing Situation in North Korea

Note to Editors: The following is a media tip that includes an expert at Colorado State University. This media tip sheet is intended to provide resources to reporters and editors and is not intended as contact information for the public.

North Korea’s claim that it has successfully tested a nuclear device has caused global tension and calls of condemnation from nations around the world. Colorado State University has experts available for media interviews that are able to put this developing situation into context.

Robert Lawrence, professor emeritus of political science at Colorado State, is a former Air Force intelligence officer and expert in national security and U.S. foreign policy who can put the developing situation into perspective for media outlets and reporters. Lawrence can assess North Korea’s military and weapons arsenal, punitive measures likely to be taken by the international community against North Korea, and how this test will change North Korea’s ability to negotiate with the United States and its allies. He can also discuss national security and military strategies and how they might impact foreign relationships.

Lawrence has been researching nuclear proliferation for more than 30 years. He has been involved in several national security think tanks including the Stanford Research Institute and Hudson Institute. He has written several books about national security and foreign policy and taught national security policy at Colorado State.

To request an interview with Lawrence or other Colorado State experts on topics germane to the situation in North Korea, contact Nik Olsen at (970) 491-7766 or via email at