Colorado State Administrators to Sign Memorandum of Understanding with Indian Space Agency

Colorado State University is poised to sign a Memorandum of Understanding this week with India’s national space agency to collaborate on the study of remote sensing of precipitation.

Tony Frank, provost and senior vice president, is visiting India with a small contingent from Colorado State to finalize the agreement with the Indian Space Research Organization and to further develop relationships with Indian industry and government partners.

"India is the world’s largest English-speaking democracy and a growing economic power," Frank said. "India has made major investments in its university system, and these are extraordinarily high-quality institutions that we partner with on everything from remote sensing to fiscal policy.

"We don’t work in a vacuum at Colorado State – we cooperate with partners worldwide to find solutions to global problems."

As part of its strategic plan, Colorado State is committed to growing areas of study that address global challenges and creating international partnerships to face those challenges. The university has sought like-minded institutions that share its vision and values for higher education in areas such as China, Argentina, Chile and Mexico.

The Memorandum of Understanding with the Indian Space Research Organization addresses the work of V. "Chandra" Chandrasekar and V.N. Bringi, electrical and computer engineering professors at Colorado State.

They study polarimetric radar, or radar that measures atmospheric particles at specific polarizations. The research is a key component of global mapping of precipitation and water resources.

Colorado State’s research includes a collaboration with the National Science Foundation and NASA, which has also signed agreements with the Indian Space Research Organization.

"Our college has a lot of collaborations in India," Chandra said. "Colorado State can help ensure that the United States continues to be globally competitive."

Among those accompanying Frank on the trip are James Cooney, associate provost for international programs; Ajay Menon, dean of the College of Business; and Sandra Woods, dean of the College of Engineering.

In addition to visiting several Indian universities, the group will visit the Indian Institute of Science and the National Institute for Fashion and Technology, in preparation for a visit in the next year by Mary Littrell in Colorado State’s Department of Design and Merchandising in the College of Applied Human Sciences.