Colorado State University Design Students Apply Innovative Ideas for Small Spaces in the Second Edition of Â??trading Rooms’



Two rooms, two designers, two sets of roommates, 12 hours and $250 to redecorate a residence hall room.

Colorado State University’s Housing and Dining Services hosts a second series of ‘Trading Rooms,’ an event in the residence halls that will provide a fun way for students to customize their crib.

Like the show "Trading Spaces" two teams, each consisting of a set of roommates, will swap rooms and work with a designer to redecorate each other’s rooms.  Teams have just 12 hours to complete the transformation.


Trading Rooms will take place from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 4, 2006 on the 2nd floor of Durward Hall on campus.


Two teams of two designers each have been selected from the Design and Merchandising program to be the creative leaders behind the transformation of each of the two rooms. The design team of Maryam Kling and Laura Lockwood will be redesigning the men’s room, while the design team of Andrea Dupuis and Julie Farley will be redesigning the women’s room. Each set of roommates have met with their designer to share their desired style and outcomes for the redecoration.

The designers then will be given $250 to purchase supplies for the redecoration, and designers are encouraged to be unlimited in their creative use of their budget and design materials. The university’s Housing and Dining Services Operations Management carpentry shop will be available to the designers to construct some accessories.