Hanzlik Named Associate Vice Provost for Graduate Studies at Colorado State University

Jodie Redditi Hanzlik is the newly appointed associate vice provost for Graduate Studies at Colorado State University. Hanzlik will be the first to fill the newly created associate vice provost position, effective Jan. 15, 2007.

Hanzlik has been a faculty member since 1984 and has served as the head of the Occupational Therapy department since 1997.

Hanzlik’s initial focus in the Graduate School will be to develop strategies that promote graduate student recruitment and retention across the campus. Additionally, she will work to develop and implement policies that will assist the university as it strengthens its position as a national leader in graduate education.

"Hanzlik’s career has been characterized by her commitment to Colorado State and by her contributions to the excellence of the Occupational Therapy department and the growth of a top-ranked graduate program," said Peter Dorhout, vice provost for Graduate Affairs and assistant vice president for Research.

During her tenure as head, the department has been ranked as one of the top 10 graduate occupational therapy programs by US News and World Report, has consistently received Colorado State’s coveted Program of Research and Scholarly Excellence Award and has been designated as a Program of Excellence by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education. Her implacable advocacy for the department and faculty has been a trademark of her leadership style.  

Under Hanzlik’s leadership, the department has earned a reputation for its skill at integrating unique student leaning, research and service opportunities into the core of its professional graduate curriculum. It has also earned a reputation as one of the most successful grant-producing OT departments in the nation. With two National Institutes of Health-funded labs and a strong history of U.S. Department of Education grants and foundation funding, the department has taken a leadership role in establishing the young profession of occupational therapy as a science-based practice.