Baking, Gardening Publications by Colorado State University Cooperative Extension Make Great Gifts

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a Colorado gardener or high-altitude baker, consider items created with the experience and research of Colorado State University. From guides providing cooking tips for baking up to 10,000 feet to a calendar full of tips on plants that thrive in Colorado’s soil and sunshine, Colorado State University Cooperative Extension sells several items that are great gift ideas.

"A Complete Guide to High Altitude Baking," edited by Patricia Kendall; $14.95, Colorado State University Cooperative Extension, 2003, 190 pages.

High altitudes are a challenge to even the most experienced baker. Whether you have recently moved to a higher altitude or still struggle with high-altitude adjustments, this publication from Colorado State experts offers proven tips for baking at 3,500 feet to 10,000 feet in addition to more than 200 recipes. Also featured are bread machine and sourdough recipes; sections on quick mixes for cookies, cakes and breads; and nutritional breakdowns on all recipes. For more information or to order, visit

High-altitude baking cookbooks by Colorado State University Cooperative Extension, $2.75 each.

This six-book series for baking above 3,000 feet includes mixing and baking tips for cookies, sourdough, yeast and quick breads, muffins, cakes, and quick mixes. Each book includes recipes for cakes, pastries, quick breads and much more. Very beneficial for anyone with a bread machine or who has favorite recipes that fail at higher altitudes. Separate books in the collection may be purchased. For more information or to order, visit

2007 Colorado Gardener’s Calendar by Colorado State University Cooperative Extension, $9.95.

This sixth-edition, full-size wall calendar is loaded with color photographs and the latest in gardening tips and resources for home gardeners. The monthly checklist and Pest Watch is a gardener’s best friend, and an added feature this year is a listing of plants that grow well in full and partial shade and full sun – Colorado’s challenging growing conditions. As always, the 2007 Plant Select plants, Web sites for Cooperative Extension fact sheets, Planttalk Tips, and the site for Cooperative Extension’s Answerlink for all your gardening questions are all part of the calendar’s content. To order, call 1-877-692-9358. Bulk prices are available.  For more information, visit online at

"The Rocky Mountain Landscape Design Guide" by Colorado State University Cooperative Extension, Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado and the Colorado Nursery Association; 27 pages, paper bound with color photos and examples, $4.95.

This guide is designed to help the homeowner understand and visualize various landscape designs and scenarios. It also will serve as a helpful tool when communicating with green industry professionals who can assist the home owner with landscape design, plant selection and maintenance. Color photos and plan examples will inspire any homeowner to start planning, digging and planting. For more information or to order, visit

"Best Perennials for the Rocky Mountains and High Plains" by Celia Tannehill and James E. Klett, Colorado State University Cooperative Extension; 128 pages, $19.95 or $15 for five or more.

This comprehensive perennial guide includes 20 years of performance data from Colorado State University’s W.D. Holley Plant Environmental Research Center. Plant performance was rated and top performers are described according to landscape use, height, foliage, color and fall effect, winter injury, ornamental fruit and disease and insect problems. These top-performing perennials are ideal for xeriscapes, rock and wildflower gardens and the traditional perennial border. The guide also includes plants that attract butterflies and humming birds and five-bloom charts for white, yellow/orange, red/pink, and blue/purple flowers. An absolute must for Colorado, Rocky Mountain or High Plains gardeners. For more information or to order, visit online at