Colorado State’s Career and Technical Education Programs Ranked in National Survey

Colorado State University’s Career and Technical Education program was ranked eighth in the nation of programs of its kind in the U.S. News and World Report’s coveted ranking of graduate programs, released today.

The ranking for vocational and technical education placed the program with peers including the University of Georgia, Virginia Tech, Ohio State University, Pennsylvania State University-University Park, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign.

The Colorado State School of Education graduate programs in education and human resource studies serve nearly 600 students who work with about 40 full-time faculty members. Colorado State is one of the leading members of the Council for Workforce and Human Resource Education.

"The curriculum, programs and innovative mixed-modality delivery model enable the School of Education to  meet the needs of a rapidly changing workforce and landscape for professional training," said Dawn Mallette, coordinator for Career and Technical education in the School of Education at Colorado State. "This ranking is validation of the program’s commitment to excellence and the caliber of students it attracts."

Master’s level specializations include counseling and career development, organizational performance and change, adult education and training, and educational leadership. At the doctoral level, specializations include educational leadership, community college leadership, organization performance and change and an option for interdisciplinary study.

The program forges partnerships with other academic departments at the university including  engineering, math and science, as well as partnerships with business and industry, statewide postsecondary institutions, and local and state educational agencies to provide access to cutting-edge information within  the educational field. In addition, the program houses faculty with expertise in areas such as career development, workplace change and career change adjustment.