Badly Behaved Pets are No Match for Veterinarian at Colorado State University

A large number of animal companions are surrendered to animal shelters every year as a result of behavioral problems. A veterinarian at Colorado State University, Dr. Jennie Jamtgaard is working toward a remedy for these broken bonds between owners and their pets.

As an applied animal behaviorist and professional consultant in animal behavior since 2000, Jamtgaard has found that as many as 90 percent of owners state that there is something about their pet’s behavior that they would like to change. Some of these changes in behavior can be made through behavior problem consultations.

"When the human-animal bond works the right way it is an enjoyable, fulfilling relationship that has physiological benefits for both the person and their pet. Behavior problems cause frustration and stress, slowly eroding that fragile bond. With the right interventions, improvement is possible and owners can get their best friend back," said Jamtgaard.

Jamtgaard offers her expertise in remedying dogs and cats of problem behaviors that include:

–     Separation anxiety

–     Aggression

–     Elimination/Litterbox issues

–     Compulsive behaviors

–     Fears, phobias or generalized anxiety

Consultations at the hospital include a diagnostic interview, development of a customized plan for treatment and three months of support and follow-up during the treatment.

In addition to seeing patients with behavior issues at the hospital, Jamtgaard teaches animal behavior classes at Colorado State University in the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. Jamtgaard is affiliated with the Department of Clinical Sciences. She volunteers in shelters to help address behavior problems in abandoned pets and does research in the areas of separation anxiety, appetitive problems such as pica and coprophagy and stress reduction in shelters.

For more information about behavioral services email or call (970) 481-4252 or to schedule an appointment call (970) 297-4477.