Ten Students from Colorado State’s 4-H Youth Program Named Recipients of Daniels Scholarship

The Colorado 4-H Youth Development Program announced today that 10 Colorado 4-H members have been named recipients of the Daniels Fund Scholarship that can be used this fall to attend colleges and universities across the United States.

Students were nominated for the scholarship by their county Extension agents. The 4-H Youth Development Program is part of Colorado State University Cooperative Extension. 4-H is a century-old program that educates urban and rural youth across the United States, engaging young people in developmental experiences and nurturing them as valuable resources for the future.

"These scholarships are awarded to young people who possess potential to make a difference in our society – potential that would not be realized without the opportunity of a college education," said Jeff Goodwin, director of Colorado 4-H Youth Development Programs. "This is the first year that Colorado 4-H has been involved in this process, and we hope to have more Daniels Scholarships awarded to 4-M members in the future."

Colorado 4-H recipients of the scholarship, their high schools and hometowns are: Kaylee Adams, Alamosa High School, Alamosa County; Cody Collins, Julesburg High School, Sedgwick County; Kelly Day, Florence High School, Fremont County; David Flook, Poudre High School, Larimer County; Michael Green, Arickaree Undivided High School, Washington County; Michelle Haley, Limon Senior High School, Lincoln County; Lacie Hoskins, Swink Junior-Senior High School, Otero County; Amanda Jerrold, Kiowa High School, Elbert County; Echo Marble, Darren Patterson Christian Academy, Chaffee County; and Kelsey Tucker, Big Sandy High School, Elbert County.

In establishing the Daniels Fund, cable pioneer Bill Daniels directed the program to seek out students he termed "diamonds in the rough." He was looking for promising students with financial need whose academic performance may not necessarily reflect their potential but who demonstrate strength of character, a well-rounded personality and a record of accomplishment in giving back to the community.

The Daniels Scholarship is supplemental to all other financial aid resources available to students. After other financial resources, including an estimated family contribution, have been applied, the Daniels Scholarship covers all required tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies and a variety of other expenses. Students also receive a laptop computer and a printer.

"These scholarships will have a significant, positive effect on these young people and their families as well as our society," Goodwin said.

For more information about Colorado State 4-H Youth Program, call (970) 491-1152 or visit online www.Colorado4H.org.