Media Tip Sheet: Experts on Structural Engineering, Bridges

Note to Editors: In the wake of the Minneapolis bridge tragedy, the following experts in Colorado State University’s Structures Laboratory are available to discuss bridge engineering. The contact information is intended for reporter use only and is not for publication.

Structural failure investigations/bridge systems of tomorrow

Richard Gutkowski, longtime civil engineering professor and director of the Structures Laboratory at Colorado State University, can talk about the structural deficiencies of bridges and his research on load testing and building composite bridges with recycled utility poles and concrete. He is the past chairman of the American Society of Civil Engineers Administrative Committee on Bridges. To speak with Gutkowski, contact Emily Narvaes Wilmsen at (970) 491-2336.

Structural reliability/safety

John van de Lindt, associate civil engineering professor, can talk about structural reliability related to natural disasters and transportation structures. In 2004, for the state of Michigan, he calibrated the safety factor for bridges against collapse. To speak with van de Lindt, contact Emily Narvaes Wilmsen at (970) 491-2336.