Csmate Tutoring Program Awarded $20,000 from Bohemian Foundation

The Center for Science, Mathematics and Technology Education (CSMATE) at Colorado State University was recently awarded a $20,000 grant from the Bohemian Foundation to fund a program that benefits the Northern Colorado Community.

The grant funds the Triunfo/ Triumph Leadership Tutoring Program, a collaboration between CSMATE and El Centro Student Services at Colorado State. This program pairs Colorado State students as tutors with primarily underserved, local K-12 students from Poudre School District.   While there are opportunities for tutoring at other community sites, Triunfo is the only program which provides free services without restrictions, matching Colorado State students with local students on the Colorado State campus.

The Triunfo/Triumph Program’s major goal to raise student achievement and close the achievement gap by consistent and sustained weekly, personal one-on-one tutoring with an academic focus in all academic areas, but in primarily science and mathematics.

The program also includes free transportation to and from Colorado State as well as free Family Learning Services, a focus on bilingual learning, and the latest innovative interdisciplinary educational resources. Triunfo/Triumph also supports parent/child interaction and family self-sufficiency by providing a welcoming, safe, and educational environment on campus for intergenerational learning.

The Triunfo/Triumph Tutoring program began in 1992 when a group of PSD parents contacted El Centro Student Services seeking tutoring for their children.  From this initial contact, El Centro began the Triunfo program to meet these needs. With the CSMATE partnership and the Bohemian Foundation funding in the past year, the program has expanded to serve over 100 students and their families and continues to expand with the generous support of the Bohemian Foundation.

This funding includes transportation to and from Colorado State for students at Lesher, Harris, Laurel, Lincoln, Irish, and Putnam schools. The tutoring program is open to all students in the community.

The Colorado State student organization SACNAS, Society for the Advancement of Chicano/Latino and Native American Students, is partnering with the program in 2007-08.  Many of the Colorado State tutors are first generation students, Key Academic Community students, in the Honors Program, El Centro students, science and mathematics education students, and members of the Colorado State student Advocacy Offices.  Students can also be recruited through the Office of Student Leadership and Civic Engagement. Generous support is provided from the College of Natural Sciences.  

Triunfo/Triumph Tutoring meets at CSMATE, third floor of the Natural Environmental Sciences Building every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon during the academic year, from 4-6 p. m. beginning September 11. Please contact Christine Jones at CSMATE (970) 491-2115 or Rich Salas at El Centro Student Services at (970) 491-0590 for information.