Colorado State and Spoons Restaurants Cook Up Event to Feed Those in Need

The Food Bank of Larimer County will benefit from a partnership between Colorado State University and Spoons Restaurants through the inaugural Spoons Stone Soup drive, which will last through Oct. 6.  

Spoons Restaurant created Stone Soup as part of Colorado State’s Cans Around the Oval Food Drive.

Tickets for a quart of soup are $10 and available at all four Spoons restaurant locations and at the Office of Student Leadership, Involvement and Community Engagement, or SliCE, at Colorado State University. A limited number of tickets will be sold. All of the proceeds will go to the Food Bank of Larimer County.

On Oct. 6, following the CSU Homecoming Parade, ticket holders may redeem their tickets at the Campus West Spoons Restaurant location,1118 W. Elizabeth St.

Based on the children’s story of the same name, stone soup was first created in the story when travelers arrived in a village with nothing more than an empty pot. Into the pot they placed a stone and when the villagers ask what they’re making the reply was "stone soup." The villagers were asked to contribute a little garnish to improve the flavor and before long, the pot was full of delicious and nutritious vegetables, herbs and seasonings and shared by all.

"Like the children’s story, this will be a community collaboration," said Spoons owner Tom Stoner, who plans to make this an annual fundraising event.  

Colorado State students will help coordinate the event and Spoons Restaurant will prepare and distribute the soup.  

Spoons Restaurant is seeking contributions of produce from local farmers to create Spoons Stone Soup, but anyone is invited to donate and participate. To contribute produce to this project, contact Stoner at (970) 218-1470.