Woodward Governor Funding Supports Systems Engineering Endowed Professorship

Woodward Governor Company (Nasdaq:WGOV) today announced at a luncheon that its Charitable Trust pledged $1 million to support a systems engineering endowed professorship at Colorado State University (CSU) College of Engineering.

Combined with University funding, the Woodward endowment will help CSU develop a strong systems engineering program. "A systems engineering program will benefit the University, the community, and businesses such as Woodward," said Thomas A. Gendron, Woodward president and chief executive officer.

"The most complex engineering problems require critical thinking at a systems level; however, there are relatively few systems engineering programs in the U.S. With this endowment, Woodward has the unique opportunity to collaborate with CSU to develop a strategic systems engineering program that will serve the region and the nation," Gendron added.

Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter said that the CSU systems engineering program will have positive economic implications for the state of Colorado: "I believe that a first-rate education system is one of the cornerstones of building a vibrant economy. The contributions that will be made through this program will serve society by solving problems of global importance."

The endowment enabled the University to employ a strong leader to build the new systems engineering program. Ronald M. Sega, former NASA astronaut and undersecretary for the U.S. Air Force, recently accepted the Woodward Professorship in Systems Engineering and will also serve as vice president for Applied Research for the CSU Research Foundation.

"This gift is an example of a university/industry partnership that benefits students, employers and the state," said Larry Edward Penley, president of Colorado State University. "We are grateful for Woodward’s strong support of systems engineering and the university’s educational mission, which will help us develop a program that meets regional needs."

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