Colorado State Professor Emeritus Bob Behnke Endows Fellowship for Cold-Water Fisheries Research

One of the world’s foremost experts in cold-water fisheries, Colorado State University Professor Emeritus Robert Behnke, recently announced a gift to endow a fellowship for a CSU graduate student to study critical cold-water fisheries issues related to habitat, disease, native species and more.

The Robert J. Behnke Rocky Mountain Flycasters Research Fellowship stemmed from an annual scholarship that was created by Trout Unlimited, a national fisheries conservation organization, in honor of Behnke’s longtime Trout Unlimited chapter membership and his devotion to the study and appreciation of native trout and salmon.

"I was humbled and deeply touched by the fundraising of our local Trout Unlimited chapter in my honor," said Behnke. "I decided to make this initial effort into a permanent endowment with my contribution. The endowment is designed to further the legacy of the CSU fisheries program as a national leader in fisheries research and conservation."    

The $128,000 endowed fellowship gift will provide an opportunity for a Colorado State graduate student to study fisheries issues such as restoration of native greenback cutthroat trout in Colorado, impact of sedimentation on trout from run-off following forest fires and lessening the impact of whirling disease on rainbow trout. Fishing is a primary recreational activity in Colorado and studying issues that address the quality of cold-water fisheries will continue to improve the state’s fishing reputation and economy.

Behnke is widely recognized as the world’s foremost expert on North American trout and salmon species. He is the author of several books, including "About Trout: The Best of Robert J. Behnke from Trout Magazine," and more than 100 scientific articles.