Colorado State University’s Center for Public Deliberation Hosts Peace Circles on Feb. 2

The Colorado State University Center for Public Deliberation will host peace circles – a method of deliberation used as a peacemaking tool throughout history – for the first time on the Colorado State campus from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m., Feb. 2.

During this time individuals from the local community will have the opportunity to gather in circles to share stories and perspectives regarding the Fort Collins and campus communities.

Peace circles are based on the philosophies of restorative justice, which aims to reconnect relationships, restore harmony and foster understanding. By gathering in a circle, an environment is created that honors the values of safety, equality and peace among humans.  

The peace circle process promotes the inclusion of people of all ages and representatives from home, business, educational, spiritual and political communities in sharing equally in the community deliberation process.  

Each circle will encompass a diverse combination of about 20 participants and will be facilitated by restorative justice facilitators trained in the art of circle keeping. The questions posed to the group will not be planned ahead of time; the facilitators will ask questions necessary for the group itself to connect, reflect and strategize.

The event is free and open to the public and lunch will be provided, but registration is required.  

The peace circle program has expanded rapidly throughout the northern Colorado region and schools in the area since its inception at Mountain View High School in 2001. It has been embraced as a way in which to bridge the gaps between students and proactively work toward harmonious school environments as well as provide a resource for students who desire a sense of belonging and connection. Peace circles are now being held on a citywide basis in Loveland and Fort Collins to foster constructive communication and improve the community.

In preparation for peace circles, participants should consider the following questions:

-What are some of the strengths of Fort Collins?

-What are some positive changes that can be made in the community?

-What does peace mean?

-What is community?

Reserve a space in the circles by Jan. 29 by contacting Mallorie Bruns at (970) 218-6166 or; or Kiri Saftler at (970) 493-1427 or

Location information and other details will be provided at the time of registration.