Colorado State University Police Department Vehicles Damaged; Police Asking for Information

The Colorado State University Police Department is asking for information about vandalism to CSUPD vehicles contact them with information.

The police are investigating two separate incidents in which tires were slashed on police vehicles. The first incident occurred on Jan. 28 and the second on Feb. 13. Both incidents occurred between 1:30 and 3 a.m.  

Video surveillance of the Jan. 28 incident shows a male with a dark colored jacket and light colored pants walking through the lot just before the cars were damaged. The video, taken at 2:45 a.m., shows the male crouch between the two parked vehicles. The male then runs east from the parking lot. After the individual leaves the area, video clearly shows that the two vehicles are leaning to the side of the damaged tires. The individual damaged three tires on two different police vehicles.

During the Feb. 13 incident, an individual was seen on video surveillance stabbing all four tires on four CSU Police Department vehicles. The individual stabbed one marked and one unmarked patrol car and two parking enforcement vehicles. The individual is described as a white male with a muscular build, wearing a dark gray sweatshirt and a gray ski mask. The male initially entered the parking lot from the south at 1:55 a.m. then left running northeast at 1:57 a.m. following the incident.

Police have not confirmed that the crimes on both nights were committed by the same individual, although they believe the two incidents may be linked.

Police are asking those who may have helpful information call the Colorado State University Police Department at 970-491-6425 or Larimer County Crimestoppers at 970-221-6868. Callers with tips regarding the crime may remain anonymous if they chose to do so.