Colorado State Launches International Presidential Fellows Program

CSU launched a new International Presidential Fellows Program this week as part of the university’s internationalization plan. Deans from all eight colleges nominated the initial cohort of 28 graduate students and visiting scholars as Presidential Fellows from 19 countries.

Jim Cooney, associate provost and director of International Programs, told the group at a welcome lunch, "The plan for the International Presidential Fellows is not only to recognize you for your international interests but also to help you build bridges to other researchers across the entire CSU campus."

Mitesh Gala, a graduate student from India in the Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise master’s program in the College of Business, said, "The Presidential Fellows Program is a great way for us to expand our international perspectives. It is a great way for us to share experiences, exchange ideas, and brainstorm, which will help us in our research activities and international development work. I look forward to getting to know the other people who have been selected."

Bill Farland, vice president for Research, and Peter Dorhout, vice provost for Graduate Studies, also spoke at the lunch about the importance of international research to address current global issues. President Larry Edward Penley will meet with the International Presidential Fellows later this semester.

The Fellows will also have opportunities to learn about each other’s research, visit key research facilities at CSU, and participate in international events at the university.

Additional information about the International Presidential Fellows Program is available at under "internationalization."