Colorado State University Currently Top Recycler in Recyclemania Competition

Note to Editors: A downloadable photograph of the trash audit is available by logging onto and clicking on the header for this release.

Colorado State University is currently in first place in RecycleMania, a friendly 10-week recycling competition between colleges and universities across the nation. CSU has a cumulative recycling rate of 50.47 percent of the total waste generated on campus during the first two weeks of the competition.

Earlier this month, a RecycleMania kick-off event and trash audit held outside on University Avenue demonstrated a considerable amount of recyclables still end up in the landfill.  

Trash collected from several residence halls and campus buildings and dumped out and sorted during the trash audit.  During the event, 41 percent of the trash pile was found to be recyclable or reusable materials. If all those recyclables had made it to a recycling bin instead of the trash, the campus’ recycling rate could reach 70 percent.

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