Week-Long Event to Discuss Student Eating Disorders, Promote Positive Body Image

In an effort to build self confidence in body image and to deter eating disorders, Colorado State University is designating Feb. 25-29 "Celebrate EveryBody" week.

Modeled off National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, "Celebrate EveryBody" will include a series of daily events to promote the idea of having a positive body image. The five-day event aims at reaching out to all students to combat the threat of eating disorders.

"When we look at Colorado State, it is a very small percentage of students who have clinical eating disorders," said Carrie Haynes, assistant director of Outreach and Prevention Programs at the University Counseling Center. "But a lot of students have disorders with eating based on a negative body image."

During the week, students will have the opportunity to participate in discussions involving body image. The discussion topics will range from listening to one’s body to the gay male body image.

In addition, events like "Mirror Monday" and "Be Comfortable in Your Genes" will target larger audiences. During "Mirror Monday," residence halls and select campus buildings will have signs posted on mirrors with positive messages.

The "Change Jeans Drive" will allow students to drop off undersized jeans to various locations on campus so they can wear better fitting jeans to build self confidence. Drop-off locations will include the Counseling Center, the Wellness Zone and the Hartshorn Health Center.

Organizers hope the event will allow students to better understand what their bodies are telling them as well as educate them about resources available through the Counseling Center and the Outreach and Prevention Programs office.

"We want to reinforce to students that they have resources on campus so they can get the help they need," said Haynes, who also is a therapist and director of Outreach and Prevention Programs.

"Celebrate EveryBody" is being presented by Colorado State’s department of Outreach and Prevention Programs at the University Counseling Center. For more information, visit www.counseling.colostate.edu/celebrate-everybody.