Colorado State’s New Public Health Graduate Program Opens Doors to Students in Fall 2008

Colorado State University’s new public health graduate program will open its doors to its first contingent of students in August 2008.

CSU’s graduate degree program is integrated with the Colorado School of Public Health which includes the University of Colorado Denver health sciences programs and the University of Northern Colorado’s community health units. Students will be able to draw from the resources of all three campuses in completing a master of public health degree.

Lorann Stallones, epidemiologist in CSU’s Department of Psychology, has been appointed director of the program, which draws expertise from six member departments and faculty from others.

"We’ve just laid the groundwork for an exciting academic and professional venture," Stallones said. "We invite other CSU partners to join us in building teaching, research and outreach value into the program."

The CSU program offers master’s students six focus areas, including Environmental and Occupational Health, Epidemiology, Health and Exercise Science, Global Health and Human Disparities, Health Communication, and Public Health Nutrition. Eligible students will be able to complete the master’s of public health and doctor of veterinary medicine degrees in tandem.

The new school will support students, practitioners and communities with access to educational programs, innovative research and community services. Richard F. Hamman of the University of Colorado-Denver has been appointed founding dean of the school.

The school aims to become the first accredited school of public health in the Mountain and Great Plains regions.

Stallones and the CSU program steering committee are fine-tuning course sequences and schedules for the first year and encourage interested departments and faculty to consider contributing to the program.

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