Colorado State Joins Call for Debate on Global Scientific, Technological Challenges

Colorado State University has joined a growing number of organizations and individuals calling for a presidential debate on the scientific and technological challenges facing the United States and the global community.

Science Debate2008 is a concerned citizens’ initiative cosponsored by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the National Academy of Science, the Council on Competitiveness, the National Academy of Engineering, and the Institute of Medicine. More than 160 leading U.S. universities and other organizations have joined.

"Solutions to many of the great global challenges we face today will be found through the advancement of science and technology," said Colorado State University President Larry Edward Penley. "This call for a debate among presidential candidates on these issues comes at an opportune time when the nation’s gaze is focused on a presidential campaign, opening a window of opportunity to discuss important policy decisions that will have lasting ramifications."  

The initiative calls for a public debate in which candidates for president of the United States can share their views on the environment, medicine and health, and science and technology policy. It recognizes that science and technology are crucial components to many policy decisions facing the nation and world. A presidential debate on these issues, according to the initiative, will help to focus attention on policy challenges that hold the potential of spurring the American entrepreneurial spirit in finding solutions to global challenges.

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