Media Tip Sheet Â?? Colorado State University Expert Can Discuss Airline Industry

With recent news about challenges the airline industry is facing, the following expert is a Colorado State University professor who specializes in knowledge of low-cost carriers, such as Frontier Airlines. The contact information is intended for reporter use only and is not for publication.

Tim Vowles, assistant history professor, specializes in transportation geography which includes air transportation, concentrating on the role of low-cost carriers such as Southwest Airlines and Frontier Airlines. He is also available to talk about air service patterns and networks; spatial impacts of air service in smaller communities; and the role of airports as gateways to metropolitan areas and regions. He wrote his doctoral dissertation on "The Spatial Impacts of Southwest Airlines on Air Traffic Patterns and Pricing in the United States."  To speak with Vowles, contact Kimberly Sorensen at (970) 491-0757 or