Media Tip Sheet: Colorado State University Experts Can Discuss Increasing Rice Prices

Note to Editors: With the recent decision of a major retailer to limit sales of rice supplies, Colorado State University experts are available to comment on increasing costs of rice supplies around the globe and rice-related research. The information is intended as a resource for reporters and is not intended for publication.

Flood- and disease-tolerant rice

Jan Leach, Colorado State University professor in the College of Agricultural Sciences, is an expert in rice genomes. She is looking for genes that can help rice become more tolerant to floods, drought and disease – all three issues are often interlinked. She also can address the importance of rice as a mainstay source of food and income to many cultures. To speak with her, contact Dell Rae Moellenberg at (970) 491-6009 or

International oil prices

Sanjay Ramchander, finance professor in the College of Business, can talk about the impact of increasing oil prices on international markets and the effect on rice products in the developing world. To speak with Ramchander, contact Emily Wilmsen at (970) 491-2336 or

Supply chain management

Lisa Ellram, chair of the management department in the College of Business, can discuss the "bullwhip effect" and panic that can occur in distribution channels when there is real or perceived shortage of a product. To speak with Ellram, contact Emily Wilmsen at (970) 491-2336 or