New Colorado State University Institutefor Livestock and the Environment

A new institute at Colorado State University is focused on solving problems between livestock production and science-based environmental management. The Institute for Livestock and the Environment is bringing together several groups from various disciplines across the CSU campus to balance issues of economic growth in the livestock industry with the environment, which is a key component to achieving sustainable rural communities.

The institute has four objectives:

– assess the environmental, economic and social impacts of livestock production;

– develop viable management practices and tools to reduce impacts;

– gather information on public and livestock producer support of management practices;

– advise producers and inform policy makers.

The institute is directed by Jessica Davis, professor of soil science and Extension Specialist at Colorado State University.

"This is a critical time for CSU to support the livestock industry in their efforts to minimize environmental risks," said Davis. "By working together both within CSU and along with producers and policymakers, our ability to solve real-world problems is magnified."

Four interdisciplinary teams specializing in water quality, air quality, pathogens and pharmaceuticals will address a cross-section of issues from land conservation, environmental practices and energy issues related to livestock production. The teams include professors from the departments of Animal Sciences; Soil and Crop Sciences; Sociology; Agricultural and Resource Economics; Civil Engineering; Clinical Sciences; and Forest, Rangeland, and Watershed Stewardship.

For more information on the Institute for Livestock and the Environment, contact Katherine Snchez Meador at (970) 491-2326 or