River Ecology Documentary Featuring Colorado State Researcher Set to Air June 22 on Rocky Mountain PBS

"RiverWebs," a documentary film about life, death, science and streams that features Colorado State University Department of Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology Professor Kurt Fausch will air at noon June 22 on Rocky Mountain PBS.

The one-hour documentary chronicles the life and work of Shigeru Nakano, a pioneering Japanese ecologist. Nakano, who was a leader in international efforts to increase understanding of river ecosystems, died in a research accident in 2000.

More than a nature film, "RiverWebs" paints a personal portrait of the international group of river ecologists who endured Nakano’s tragic loss to share their own growth and recovery. Across Eastern and Western cultures, the circle of friends shows the human side of science while demonstrating the creative and collaborative process of discovery.

The film shares some of the unseen beauty and diversity of river ecosystems and examines two of the most serious threats facing them: habitat destruction and invasive species.

As one of Nakano’s closest friends, Colorado State fisheries Professor Kurt Fausch leads the effort to continue and promote Nakano’s research. Fausch played a key role in fundraising and planning for the film along with the film’s director and CSU alumnus, Jeremy Monroe.  

"This was a rare opportunity to honor the work of Shigeru Nakano and his students and collaborators and to show how our research can enhance the conservation of stream and forest ecosystems worldwide," Fausch said.  

"RiverWebs" was produced by Freshwaters Illustrated, a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising public awareness of freshwater life, science and conservation.