Three Years of Record Enrollment for Freshman Classes at Colorado State University – Overall Enrollment Up This Year

Colorado State University enrolled 4,404 freshmen this fall, the largest freshman class ever at the university, according to the Office of Admissions. This is the third year in a row the university has enrolled a record-size freshman class.

Overall enrollment also is up this year at 25,011, which includes 20,829 undergraduates, 3,655 graduate students and 527 professional veterinary medicine students. Last year’s total enrollment was 24,983.

The freshman class includes 3,482 Colorado residents, and overall, eighty percent of students attending the university are from Colorado. As was the case in 2007, one in four students in the incoming freshman class will be first-generation scholars.

This is the fourth year the university has seen an increase in enrollment of ethnically and racially diverse students. Colorado State’s enrollment of these students is 3,214 or 12.9 percent.  

"Colorado State University continues to be the college of choice for a diverse group of Colorado students," said Jim Rawlins, Executive Director of Admissions. "The wide array of perspectives, interests and backgrounds our students bring to campus will enrich the learning environment for everyone."