Larimer County Emergency Text Alert System Available to Students in Addition to University’s Alert System

Larimer County’s new emergency notification system, a phone and text alert system similar to Colorado State University’s RAVE text alert system, is available to students.

Students as well as employees are encouraged to register for both the county and university systems because the university’s system only alerts employees and students of emergencies on campus or threatening the physical campus. The university’s RAVE text alert system will not track subscriber’s locations and typically will not alert them of dangers in the wider community.

The Larimer County Emergency Notification System purchased by LETA, Larimer Emergency Telephone Authority, is not a replacement for the RAVE text alert system. Alerts through LETA will be sent by county officials.

The system allows people to register to get emergency alerts on cell phones, work phones, home phones and through e-mails and text alerts. It also allows subscribers to select locations they would like to be contacted about within the boundaries of Larimer County.

The new system allows the county additional ability to alert residents because the old county system relied only on traditional land-line home phones. The new county system will be used to notify residents about imminent threat to health and safety. Public safety officials will send alerts about emergencies such as wildfire, flood, gas leaks or critical police activity.

To sign up for the county’s service, visit To receive alerts about more than one location, completely fill out the sign-up form for each address, such as home and school addresses. There is no cost to register.  

People who do not sign up will get the county’s alerts via land-line home phones.

Anyone with a university EID also is encouraged to register for the university RAVE text alert system through RamWeb at Employees and students should enter their EID under the heading "Applicants and Current Students" to log onto RamWeb. Click on "Update My Emergency Notification Cell Phone" under the Records section.

Registration is separate for the university’s RAVE system and LETA’s emergency notification system and each must be conducted individually. In addition, neither system tracks the location of subscribers, so students are encouraged to update their contact information and address preferences if they change. Students also are encouraged to deactivate their registration if they leave Fort Collins or Larimer County for an extended amount of time, such as during the summer months, and re-register upon returning if they do not wish to receive alerts when they are away from the area.