Colorado State University’s Center for Public Deliberation Hosts Community Issues Forum Nov. 17

As the aggressive political campaigning that has occupied the past two years comes to a close, the community is beginning to revisit issues on a more localized level.

The Colorado State University Center for Public Deliberation, or CPD, is one such entity that is contributing to the restoration of discussion regarding prevalent issues in Fort Collins.

The CPD will host the Fall 2008 Community Issues Forum from 6-9 p.m. Nov. 17 at the Fort Collins Hilton, 425 W. Prospect Road.

"This event fosters an opportunity to get past the polarized nature of the election and get together to talk about important issues in a respectful environment across perspectives," said Martin Carcasson, CPD director.

The Community Issues Forum will feature four timely topics that are pertinent in the Fort Collins community. Participants will be able to choose one topic from the following four for discussion on Nov. 17:

– How can the community encourage healthy weight among Fort Collins youth?

– How can the community better prepare for responsibilities of citizenship?

– How can the community create and secure a sustainable future for Fort Collins?

– How can discussions of politics be improved in college classrooms? (student-only forum)

The forum is intended to provide a unique opportunity to cultivate interaction between community members and CSU students, many of whom will be attending the forum for various classes. The deliberative process will be used to explore these issues that are impacting Fort Collins and consider action steps as a community.

Non-partisan student facilitators will moderate the forums, and the discussion will be documented to ensure that concerns, ideas and questions will be addressed. Reports will be completed for each forum, provided to participants and posted on the CPD website at Fort Collins and CSU community members are encouraged to participate.

About the CSU Center for Public Deliberation

The CPD, founded in 2006, is dedicated to enhancing local democracy through improved public communication and community problem-solving. The organization coordinates and hosts numerous events in the Fort Collins and Loveland communities. Community issues forums focus on local and national issues, including various workshops tied to public participation and civic engagement. Student associates are trained as non-partisan facilitators and conveners and focus on helping the public unite and address critical issues in a more effective manner.

For more information, contact Martin Carcasson at (970) 491-5628 or