Colorado State University to Conduct Trash Audit Feb. 11 as Part of RecycleMania

Colorado State University will conduct a trash audit on campus on Wednesday, February 11, beginning at 8 a.m. The audit will take place at the west end of the plaza on University Drive.

Volunteers from Facilities Management Integrated Solid Waste and the Live Green Team will dump out and sort through various campus dumpsters to show the campus community how much trash can be recycled or reused.

Last year’s audit revealed 40 percent of the items in campus dumpsters could have been recycled, which would have brought the university’s recycling rate up to 70 percent.

"While CSU has one of the highest recycling rates for colleges and universities across the nation, the audit creates a visual display to increase recycling rates even more during RecycleMania and hopefully create a culture that recycles more year-round," said Tonie Miyamoto.

The audit is a part of RecycleMania, a recycling campaign, held on campus every year, in which CSU placed second nationally last year.

This is the second week of the 10-week recycling competition between colleges and universities across the nation. This year, more than 500 universities are participating.

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For more information about the trash audit, contact Aaron Briscoe at (970) 491- 0113.