Denver MBA Program at Colorado State University Offers Professional Coaching to Students through Denver’s Resnik Partners

Students of Colorado State University’s Denver Executive MBA program are mastering accounting, marketing, management and finance, but starting this year, they’re getting a little extra help in leadership skills from a Denver-based consulting firm.

Colorado State has contracted with Resnik Partners, a Career Partners International firm, to offer students an executive coaching program.

"We want our students – most of whom are already working as managers – to develop world-class leadership skills," said Dave Larsen, executive director of the Denver Executive MBA program. "With Resnik Partners, our students will receive professional coaching as a routine part of their graduate programs."

Resnik Partners, led by Matt Resnik and Helen Oesterle Resnik, has provided coaching and consulting in the Denver area for 26 years. The firm’s Executive Coaching program involves confidential consultation targeted at practical work-related behaviors and is intended to help leaders identify and improve their overall effectiveness.

"Executive MBA students will find coaching very helpful because they work in small groups for the duration of the program," said Helen Resnik. "In a way, it’s similar to the work environment.  With an outside consultant, students receive help in identifying pitfalls and potential conflicts. The coaching experience is immediately applicable in their real-world working environment."

"Hiring Resnik Partners and their team of coaches has elevated the importance of Leadership Development in the program" Larsen said. Students will take a two-part self-assessment test and then meet at least three times a year with an executive coach from Resnik Partners. Coaches will meet with students individually and in small groups.

"This is going to be a huge benefit to CSU," Resnik said. "It’s a forward-thinking addition that sets CSU’s Executive MBA program apart. In this region, we have coached hundreds of leaders in companies of all sizes, and we know the value Executive Coaching provides to the individual as well as to their companies."

Resnik Partners Inc.  is part of the Career Partners International network, which is one of the world’s largest providers of talent management solutions with more than 200 offices worldwide.