Colorado State University Names Members of Diversity Task Force

Faculty, staff and students are represented among 21 appointees to Colorado State University’s Diversity Task Force, created by President Tony Frank in July to assess and enhance the university’s diversity efforts.

Those serving on the Diversity Task Force include:
• Linda Ahuna-Hamill, assistant vice president, Student Affairs;
• Gillian Bowser, assistant dean, Warner College of Natural Resources;
• Courtney Butler, chair of the Administrative Professionals Council;
• Jim Cooney, vice provost for International Affairs;
• Pattie Cowell, associate dean, College of Liberal Arts;
• Roselyn Cutler, interim director, Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity
• Peter Dorhout, vice provost, Graduate School;
• Richard Eykholt, chair of Faculty Council;
• Jim Francis, professor, College of Business;
• Dan Gearhart and Tim Hole, president and vice president, respectively, ASCSU;
• Joanna Holliday, assistant to the dean, College of Engineering;
• Blanche Hughes, vice president for Student Affairs (chair);
• Nancy Irlbeck, associate dean, College of Agricultural Sciences;
• Miguel Mostafa, assistant professor, Physics;
• Mary Ontiveros, associate vice president, Enrollment & Access;
• Deb Parker, chair of the Classified Personnel Council;
• Amy Parsons, deputy general counsel;
• Paola Malpezzi Price, chair of the President’s Commission on Workforce and Gender Equity;
• Regina Schoenfeld, assistant professor, Clinical Sciences;
• Malcom Scott, assistant professor, Social Work; and
• Paul Thayer, associate vice president, Student Affairs, and special advisor to the Provost for Retention.

President Frank created the task force this summer after Dana Hiatt’s retirement as longtime director of the university’s Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity. The office has now been more closely aligned with the employee hiring, training and counseling functions in a new Human Resources Group directed by Tom Gorell, senior vice president for administration.
Also in the new Human Resources Group are the Department of Human Resources Services, Training and Development, the Assistive Technology Resource Center and a reconfigured Employee Assistance/Ombudsman position.

In a note to campus this summer announcing the task force, Frank said, “As an institution of higher learning, we have a responsibility to ensure that our academic community welcomes and encourages diversity of thought, scholarship, and viewpoints – including views that are in contrast or opposition to those of the majority. Just as significantly, as a land-grant university, we have an obligation to create access and opportunity to all the resources and privileges of higher learning. This includes a commitment to the educational success of students from all backgrounds, races, and walks of life – as well as a commitment to building a representative faculty and staff with full confidence in our commitment to equity, fairness, and a safe and collegial environment for all.”

The entire text of Frank’s message can be found at