Inaugural CSU Media Alumni Festival Attracts National, Award-Winning Talent Sept. 17-19

In an unprecedented event, Colorado State University’s Department of Journalism and Technical Communication is bringing together nationally and internationally recognized media alumni for the first CSU Media Alumni Festival to be held Sept. 17-19 at the Lory Student Center.

The festival will include more than a dozen informational, educational panels open to CSU students, faculty and the general public on Fri., Sept. 18. These panels will provide a unique opportunity for the general public to meet first hand some of the talent behind award-winning shows such as the Discovery Channel’s “Whale Wars”, the Army Times’ nationally-recognized feature series called Blood Brothers about an army unit in Iraq, and a highly successful campaign to launch TIVO video recording units.

Panels will also include sports reporting, published authors, top-rated newspaper and magazine reporters, public relations and social media. In addition, a feature panel will be devoted to reporting from and about soldiers involved in the ongoing Middle East war zone.

“Not only is this an opportunity for our talented alumni to showcase their work, but it’s a chance for them to share their depth and breath of media experience over several decades with those who will be heading out into the professional world,” said Greg Luft, chairman of CSU’s Department of Journalism and Technical Communication. “Never have we been able to bring such high profile talent together in one meeting of the minds. It shows this diverse group’s commitment to returning and sharing with their former department.”

In addition to the expert panels, more than 100 alumni media entries will be judged by a festival committee, top prize winners earning the first ever “Cammy Award”, named after Cam the Ram. Contest categories include but are not limited to: Television, Film, Photography, Web, Book, Newspaper, Magazine and Public Relations.

Entries include top rated work from productions like “60 Minutes” and “Home and Garden Television.” Publication entries include stories from the “Financial Times” and books such as “The Galloping Ghost: Red Grange, an American Football Legend” and “Jesus, A-Z.”

The festival includes a preview of some top entries and an alumni reception Thursday evening as well as an alumni tailgater Saturday before the CSU football game.

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